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Answered as per Hanafi Fiqh by Tafseer Raheemi


Assalamu Alayku
My wife teaches at a school. The lining of her shoes is made from pig’s leather. She places her wet feet in the shoe after performing wudhu. When she comes home from teaching, she will walk on the carpet. Her feet are dry until she makes wudhu again. I have not said anything because I don’t want her to think it is another episode of waswasa. I have 7 questions:
  1. When she places her wet feet in shoes with pig lining do her feet become naapak?
  2. If so, when she subsequently walks on the carpet at home with dry feet does the carpet become napaak?
  3. If she washes her feet in those shoes at home, wears them whilst her feet are wet and then walks on the carpet and the wetness transfers, would this make the carpet unclean?
  4. If question 3 is answered in the affirmative what about my wudhu & salah i.e. I make wudhu and then walk on the same carpet she walked on?
  5. If after having performed wudhu at school she then comes home and performs wudhu again at home in slippers which are not made from pigskin, do her feet become clean?
  6. How do I tell her not to wear pigskin shoes without her thinking that it is another episode of waswasah?
  7. My wife has started wearing an alternative pair of shoes she has in which the inside lining does not have the tell tale signs of being made from pig leather but this is not definitive as only a leather expert can conclusively determine whether a pair of shoes are made from pig or not. Finding and consulting a leather expert is proving onerous in the sense that they would charge for such a service. In addition, there is the potential for controversy in that my wife will say I am going to extremes and engaging in doubt. My wife now makes wudhu in these alternative shoes at school. In such a situation, is is permissible for her to make wudhu in these alternative shoes and pray salaah?


  1. Pigskin is najisul ain.  Under no circumstances can it be made paak.  Therefore, when wet feet touch that lining they become napaak.  She will have to wash them when she gets home.
  2. Since her feet were dry and najasat has not transferred to the carpet, the carpet will not become napaak.
  3. I don’t understand how the wetness can remain for so long and transfer to the carpet at home – plus it’s very minimal, so the carpet will not become napaak.
  4. The carpet is not napaak – your namaz is valid.
  5. Yes, her feet will become paak.
  6. Show her this fatwa – explain to her.
  7. Your wife is right.  Don’t fall for Shaytan’s trap of waswasa.  When there is no conviction that the shoes are made from pigskin, then you don’t need to go really deep to investigate. We have to work on “ghalibuzzan” (i.e. greatest possibility).  However, in your case you should not worry about the matter unless you are 100% certain.

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