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What can I do to stop myself spending money carelessly?

Answered as per Hanafi Fiqh by Tafseer Raheemi


Assalam walikum Shaykh,

My name is ……… and i am from Toronto and live near by Madina Masjid. I am a student and only 20 years old. 

My question is what could I do to not spend money so carelessly? I do not want to ask a stupid question but as a 20 year old with no responsibility in my house because my dad pays for all the bills, whats something that i could do to value the money that i make more and to spend it wisely and not carelessly. 

 Jazakhallah hu khairan



Walaikumu salam w w 

I think you should work out a monthly budget of how much you actually need. Help your parents with the household costs. Give them some amount as a gift. Help your siblings or other relatives. 

Then fix an amount for spending in charity etc. Giving charity on a regular basis is extremely beneficial.

Deposit the remaining for safe keeping with someone responsible like a parent, as an amanat or loan so they can look after it for you until you actually need it. 

You may save it in a bank and then use it to purchase a property for yourself or use it for going to haj or save it for your wedding etc. 

Halal wealth is a blessing from Allah and we are supposed to use it wisely. 

May Allah give you lots of barakah in everything. May Allah give you more wisdom to ask pertinent questions. Ameen.


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