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Interpretation of 3 Dreams

Answered as per Hanafi Fiqh by Tafseer Raheemi


I had a dream which I was giving Azaan in a beautiful voice and the people loved the Azaan.

What is the interpretation of this dream.

Also a while back I had a dream which I was in the company of notable ulama such as hazrat maulana Yusuf motala and hafez Saab Patel.

And also another dream I’ve had is about hazrat Ebrahim (alayhis salaam) as years ago again what is this meaning.

And finally I had a dream years ago about me and my family entering jannah and also me going over pulsirat very fast and then I ask the angels where is this pulsirat which I was told in this world about and they reply by saying you’ve just passed over it.

Can you please give me the interpretations of all these dreams please and the meaning behind it in detail .


May Allah elevate your status and shower mercy upon you


Wa’Alaykum Salaam w w,

Ibn Sireen was asked about Azaan. He said you will go for Haj, which the person did. Maybe Allah will take you as well.

Seeing Ulama and Ambiya (alayhimus salaam) is a source of blessing. It strengthens our Imaan by generating their love in us and it draws us closer to Allah S.W.T.

Entering Jannah is a Bashaarat. May Allah make passing through Pul Siraat easy for all of us and take us into Jannah with ease.


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