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How can I do my qazae umri?

Question: Firstly I would like to apologize beforehand for any grammatical or sentence’s errors. My speaking and writing skills are very poor. I am writing this email to ask for some guidance. I am a 22 years old teenager. In my life, I have missed many namaz and I do not know how to make up for them. I don’t even know how many namaz I have missed. Please guide me on how to make up for my missed namaz’s. I am really worried, I feel that my death is very near and I have nothing to take with me. How would I face the Al-mighty. Please help me with this ASAP.

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Do not lose hope in the mercy of Allah. Try your best to calculate how many Salaah you have missed since the day you became mature. Maybe you would pray Salah on the weekends or in Ramadhan, so subtract those from your total. Maybe you missed Fajr more compared to the other Salaahs. Once you come to a certain number for each Salah, then make yourself a chart. Everyday write how many Qadha Salaah you have performed.

The easy way to do this is when you pray today’s Fajr for example, then alongside with it, pray one or two Fajr Qadha as well. Remember you only have to do Qadha for the Fardh Salaah and the Witr of Isha. There is no Qadha for the Sunnats.

When making intention, make the intention that you are making up for the last Fajr you missed. Also, it is not necessary that one prays long surats but one can suffice with the smaller Surats. Try your hardest to clear your debt with Allah as soon as possible and make Duaa Allah grants you steadfastness in future.

And Allah is All Knowing

This answer was collected from Tafseer-Raheemi.com the official website of Sheikh Abdul Raheem Limbada (Hafizahullah) of UK.

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