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What is Islamic Dress

What is Islamic dress code? Being a woman what dress should I wear that would fulfill that dress code. Can I still wear American clothes like pants, skirts etc under Hijab. I see many Muslim women wearing many different type of clothes, Indian, Pakistanis, Arabs, African. They are all different. They fall in two extremes few Muslim women everything that American women wear except they wear scarf, others completely cover themselves even their face. Please guide me to the correct way for a Muslim woman to wear and please. (U.S.A)

What is Islamic Dress
One of the guidelines for the dress of women is that their dress shouldn’t be similar with the dress of men, nor the dress of the non-Muslims, nor should it be revealing. Now, in shirts and paints any of these three qualities are not found. The rear area becomes very revealing in paints and in shirts you can see the top part very clearly. Women should wear the type of dress in vogue among the Arabs, which like a long gown. They should wear on top of that ‘niqab’ and they should wear on top of that ‘jilbab’ because it is obligatory on women to wear niqab in front of men.

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