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Urine Drops During Salat or While in Ihraam

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I have a problem of having urine drops after passing it. Sometimes drops come during Salat. What is the ruling on this. I am planning to go for Hajj this year. What should I do if drops come while I am in Ehram and pollute the Ehram.


 الجواب وباللہ التوفیق

We recommend treatment for this ailment from an expert doctor or Hakeem.

If the urine drops come out during salah, the salah will be invalid. Whenever this happens, wash the body parts and clothes effected, make wudu and pray salah again.

If the urine drops fall on the ihram clothes, that part has to be washed and purified. However, if someone is excused by a valid excuse (ma’zoor), he may pray salah in the same clothes or ihram. The person may also put cotton (or its like) around the urine path or a bag to collect the urine to safeguard the ihram clothes from the urine drops.

The ruling of the ma’zoor (excused) is applicable when there is a calid exuse like the urine drops continuously flow in such a way that the person is not able to pray salah within the prescribed time and the complete duration of salah time passes yet the urine drops do not stop flowing. Such a person is considered ma’zoor.  The concession provided for the ma’zoor is that after performing wudu once, he may pray salah (and other such ibadat which require wudu) until another salah time comes, even though the urine continuously flows. 

Furthermore, it would be helpful if the person wears an underwear and keeps cotton or an absorbent pad in it.

Note: The Shar’i ruling is that if the urine drops come out during Tawaf the wudu will break and wudu must be made again. The person should stop tawaf, make wudu, and then complete the remainder of the tawaf. However, if the person is ma’zoor as explained above, he may complete tawaf without re-making wudu.

واللہ اعلم بالصواب

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