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Interpreting a dream

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I had a dream that I was in someone’s house and all of my family was there, including my cousins. I was the only one there who observed purdah, but I think I took my niqab off when I was there. Every time one of my na-mahram cousins came into the room that I was in, I didn’t have my niqab on and the first time my cousin looked at me I didn’t care, but then a little while after I realized that this was a sin and I tried to hide my face. This happened many times throughout the dream. Could you please tell me what this means. The only problem is that I can’t remember the dream in its entirety, so I have a feeling that I am either narrating the dream incorrectly or I have left some parts out. (U.S.A)

There is always inclination towards good and bad in human beings and we all struggle with this. What you saw in the dream is in reference to this point. A person should have some firmness and courage than he would be able to remain on the true coarse and true path. The hesitation or the weakness felt in attempts of safeguarding oneself from evil and practicing good deeds is what you saw in your dream. If Allah willing things will be easier for you.

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