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Saying Daurood with or without group

Answered as per Hanafi Fiqh by ShariahBoard.org
Is it permissible to say/send durood/salaam to Prophet SAWS outload with or without a group of people. Also, is it permissible to say “Ya Rasulallah…” in any context.
One can recite the “darood sharif” out loud or quietly but reciting according some of the existing practices of some people where there are gatherings of it through out the night with people standing and reciting is not liked by scholars, and its not a desirable method. Reciting “ya rasulullah” with the intention of seeking help from him is also prohibited by scholars. If some one says something like this in the height of love and attachment, like a person who is obsessed by the love of his beloved woman or parents, then such invocations would not be harmful and permissible.

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