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Interpreting a dream

I had this really weird dream that I hope you can interpret. I dreamt that we (me, my dad, and my family, and my girl cousin) were in an Islamic school and then all the sudden we were across the street at an apartment. In the dream my dad had told us (his family) that he thinks his friend has been murdered so he took us all to his friends apartment. Also in the dream my dad’s friend had gone to Pakistan. So we went into my dad’s friend’s apartment and we saw that the bathroom door was all taped up with ducked tape and there were red stains on the ground. Then my dad opened the bathroom door and found a bloody mattress and his friend bleeding and dead. Then I got scared and told my family I was going to leave. So when I got outside I noticed two guys across the street at the Islamic school then my attention went towards my best friend and her sister across the street. I started talking to them then I saw a Kafir woman running and pushing her baby stroller. She gave me a weird look and then my cell phone fell to the floor and I picked it up. Then I woke up. Please tell me what this means and if it bad or not.

Interpreting a dream
Apparently, the meaning of the dream is that whatever desire the person has will not be fulfilled. What kind of desire is not known clearly, but the dream is not bad so, you should not be so worried.

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