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Can we use office hours to do personal work?

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Firstly, I would like to know if working in an office for a woman is haraam, and will I get Guna for it. I work just 5 hrs per day. While working I listen to all of the Hajira lectures. Secondly, I work in an office environment, and every one in the office is assigned a set duties. If I finish my duties before the others do, my manager has taken other peoples work and given it to me and vice versa. So we take our sweet time in doing our duties. Sometimes I do finish quickly and surf the internet or talk to my coworkers. My question is that, if I can use the time at work for my personal use when I feel the work is under control and I am able to safely meet the deadline. Please reply in English for I can’t read Urdu.

No matter where a person works and no matter if the employer is a lady or a man, both are OK, it is the responsibility of the employee, i.e. the person working, that they cannot do any anything which is not permissible in Islam: for example to cover themselves properly; not to be alone with strange men; nor do or buy or sell anything which is not permissible etc. It is the responsibility of the employee himself or herself. If all these conditions are met then it is allowed for him or her to work otherwise it is not allowed. The answer to the next question depends on the agreement that was made between the two parties (employer and the employee) in the beginning of their relationship. If the employee, the person working is not under contract for the time but only for certain tasks, then after finishing what ever job that has been pointed to him/her, it is OK for him/her to do other personal things. But if it has been established in the beginning with the company that he is giving them the complete time for which they are paying for, then if the work they have assigned is finished and he/she is free, he can do his own personal work in that free time.

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