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When to start salaat after menses?

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A person habitually gets their period on the first or the second of the month. This time they didn’t get it on that day but instead they saw very little blood (like a drop) on the 13th. The person doesn’t see anything for the next 12 hours. Should she start performing Salaah after the 12 hours or should she wait for 3 days and 3 nights to pass? How long should she wait and see in order to see if she will bleed again or not?

When to start salaat after menses?
If this is the first time this has happened then you should wait. If this continues to happen, then you should see if it continues bleeding after that or not. If it does not bleed and stops bleeding within a couple days this is technically called Istihaazaa in Shariah. This means that you should continue praying and also make up the prayer that you missed the previous two days; because the prayers that are missed in Istihaazaa have to be made up.

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