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what is the essence of marriage in islam

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What is the essence of marriage in Islam. Why do we marry, the reason for marrying given is Islam ?
When a person grows to his young age there is a need for him to get married. All the necessities of life, which are vital for one’s survival, have been considered and explicated in the Islamic law. Also the boundaries to fulfill these necessities have been explicated.

So like a person has a need to eat he also has a need to have a wife, just like a wife needs a husband. These are necessities of our lives and we must fulfill them according to the divine law. Islam doesn’t teach asceticism, it doesn’t say that a person should leave behind his family and children to go worship in the mountains. If a person does not marry then it is likely that he would fall into sin and protection from sin is mandatory.  Therefore, marriage is mandatory. Even though there are many other reasons why people get married like for offspring, but to safeguard one’s piety is also necessary. Also, to protect the fabric of a family in the society is very important. All the necessary needs of a human being are related to it. So many people become part of the family like father, son, grandson etc. and each would have rights, there would be laws of marriage, some people would be forbidden for some people and some wouldn’t. There are so many issues of Islam related to this. Moreover, to live a life according to Islam also becomes easy.

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