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Is minmum house insurance permisisble

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1) Is minimum house insurance permissible? (In the UK it is not a legal requirement). The reason being that house insurance for a year just for the building costs roughly about £250. Now if something got damaged like roof leak, subsidence then this would be covered in the insurance. However to pay for it yourself would cost in the £1000’s.
2) When a person dies and people from out of the city come for the janazah or to console the family it is a custom that the local community society pays for the cost of feeding the guests. Is this correct or should the family pay for the feeding of the guests or has this no basis in Islam.
Is minmum house insurance permisisble
Insurance is not allowed only by necessity. If there is forceful system requiring you to have home insurance it’s one thing otherwise it would not be permissible. If some one has come from a far place whoever he comes to is his host. Host has the responsibility of feeding and accommodating. The prophet peace be upon him said if the host family is grieving over something than someone else should send them food. This is the responsibility of the community to send food in a house where there was an accident because they can’t do anything while grieving.

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