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Istikharah prayer

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A brother and his family have proposed, I have prayed istikharah and had good feelings, plus positive signs about it alhamdulillah, however, my parents are totally against the idea. I know that by praying istikharah any obstacles which are in the way, Allah swt alleviates….but my parents’ hearts have not changed on the matter, and I’m wondering what I should do. The brother is, in my opinion, a good match mashaAllah…and my parents have left things to me, saying that if I want the marriage to take place, then that’s what will happen, but they will not be happy with it. I’m really confused about it all, please pray for my guidance.
Istikharah prayer
If you have done istikhara and you feel good afterwards and your parents are agreeing in the sense that if you want it then we will agree with you then you should proceed. If you are not getting the desired consensus from your parents then don’t worry too much. If after marriage you treat them nicely and with noble characteristics then they would be pleased with you. Hence, your istikhara is fine and it doesn’t mean that if your istikhara is right then all the hurdles must be removed.

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