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I want to know that is Khidhar (Alyhisalam) is alive or dead ?

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I want to know that is Khidhar (Alyhisalam) is alive or dead ?
With regards to Khidhar (A.S.) different scholars have taken different opinions. Some say he is alive and others say he is not, each group of scholars has supported its opinion with evidence, and each has attempted to answer on behalf of the other. The preferred opinion is that he is alive. Regarding this opinion, there is one particular narration worthy of mention to support it. Abu Saeed Khudri (R.A.) from Musannaf Abdul Razzaq says that once Prophet (S.W.) discussed about Dajjal in great details, and said that when he comes to Madinah, he will not be able to enter it. A person will appear in front of him, he will be the best amongst people. He will say I bear witness that you are Dajjal & Prophet (S.W.) told us about you. Dajjal will say what you would say if I kill you & then bring you back to life. Dajjal will turn to people and ask them if they would doubt him if he kills and brings back to life. People will say No. So, Dajjal will kill Khidar (A.S.) and will bring him back to life. When Khidhar (A.S.) comes back to life he will say that I am more convinced now that you are Dajjal. After this, Dajjal would not be able to kill anyone. One of the transmitters in this Hadith is Ma’mar (Rah.), who is the student of Zuhaili (Rah.). He said that I have been reported that, that person will be Khidhar (A.S.). So based on such narrations we can support the opinion that he is alive. But, this matter is not part of our tenants of faiths or articles of belief.

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