Wife not covering head does husband get gunah

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My question is if my wife doesn’t cover her hair, and her hair are showing to non mehram, do I get the sin as a husband. And I also heard that if unmarried sister doesn’t cover her hair as a brother I get a sin for that. Sometimes they cover their hair but the scarf move and hair showes so do I get the sin for that. I remind my wife to cover her hair so I don’t get gunnah. 


Wife not covering head does husband get gunah

الجواب وباللہ التوفیق

As the husband is also responsible for his wife in respect to the Deen (صحیح البخاري، ۵۲۰۰ ، باب المرأۃ راعیۃ في بیت زوجھا)

Therefore, it is incumbent on the husband that if the woman practices actions against the Shari’at then he should make efforts for her correction, caution/reprimand her, and make suitable effort to change her temperament. Its first level is to counsel her and use mutual understanding, establish تعلیمی حلقہ (Ta’leem) at home, if she doesn’t agree then separate the bedding from her and quit sleeping with her for a few days and express his anger. If she still doesn’t agree then he may give her a light beating which doesn’t leave any mark. If the woman still continues on her own way then the woman will be sinner but the husband will not get its wrath. If the husband is deficient in his responsibility and doesn’t make appropriate effort for the rectification then in front of Allaah T’aalaa he will also bear its wrath.

The same ruling is for the sister too if amongst her elders no one else is responsible.

واللہ اعلم بالصواب

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