Prostrating out of Reverence (Sujud al-Ta`dhim) to other than Allah is Haram

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Answered by Subhan Raza Khan 

Prostrating out of Reverence (Sujud al-Ta`dhim) to other than Allah is Haram

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

(Edited by Faraz Rabbani)

The Prostration of Reverence is Unlawful

Alahazrat Imam Ahmad Raza Fazil e Bareillvi has written a treatise entitled with al-Zubdatul Zakiyyah li Tahrimi Sujud at-Tahiyyah concerning the prostration of reverence.

In this treatise he has clearly shown with reference & evidence from the Holy Quran & Noble Hadith that:

1. The prostration of worship (sajda al-`ibada), for other than Allah, is absolutely and undeniably disbelief (kufr).

2. The prostration of reverence or greeting (tahiyya), for other than Allah, is unlawful.

In his Fatawa Radhvia, Imam Ahmad Raza (Allah have mercy on him) says that there are two types of prostration:

1. Prostration of worship

2. Prostration of Reverence.

He says that Prostration of worship for non-Allah is kufr & Prostration of Reverence for non- Allah is unlawful.

Further in the same book of Fatawa (vol 10, Page 180),he says that:

“The prostration of reverence for other than Allah has been agreed to be unlawful in the Shariah, and all works [of Sacred Law] affirm its unlawfulness.”

In the same volume of Fatawa (page 260), he says that:

“Prostration of worship for other than Allah entails associating partners with Allah (shirk). The prostration of reverence is not shirk, but it is unlawful and a great sin (kabira). Its unlawfulness is proved by decisively-transmitted (mutawatir) Prophetic hadith and decisive texts of Sacred Law. I have narrated forty Prophetic hadith in my fatawa on the unlawfulness of this prostration and recorded a lot of clear rulings regarding this.”

Fatawa Azizi makes it clear that there is a scholarly consensus (ijma`) of the Ummah regarding the unlawfulness of the prostration of reverence.

And Allah knows best.

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