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I was told this by the alima in my town. She told me that only when a woman’s vaginal discharge comes out onto the undergarments does it invalidate wudu. So she told me I could insert a piece of cotton or something of the like inside to prevent the discharge from coming out so that I could hold my wudu for longer. I wanted to confirm that this is the case because I have a problem with almost constant vaginal discharge and it is sometimes hard to renew wudu for every prayer. I was also wondering if this applies to bleeding as well if a women is having abnormal bleeding (istahaza) then I know we have to make a fresh wudu for every prayer. If I insert a piece of cotton up there to keep the blood from coming out then do I still have to make a fresh wudu or does this suffice so that I can keep my wudu for two prayers at least.

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From a previous question answered by Shaykh Faraz Rabbani:

The discharge that does not nullify ritual ablutions (wudu) and is considered ritually clean (tahir) is the ‘chronic vaginal discharge’ (rutubat al-farj) that comes out normally and regularly, and is clear and not discolored. Some scholars explain it to be akin to the ‘sweating of the vaginal walls.’ When reasonably possible, one should renew one’s ritual ablutions in such cases. However, when it is difficult to do so, such as at work or school, there is nothing wrong with following this ruling. It is what is indicated by the words of Ibn Abidin, as confirmed by the fuqaha.

It should be noted, again, though that all other discharge, even if slightly discolored, nullifies ritual ablutions and is ritually impure.

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