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When could Imam Mehdi come and what will happen when he does?

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Every major & minor sign has gone or is happening this very moment. The major sign that is 2 happen next is Imam Mehdi 2 come. If u look at what is happening in the World, muslims countries being invaded or puppet goverments, how sinful the whole world is. This is the sort of climate Imam Mehdi is suppose 2 come. After 9/11 things are moving very fast & i’ve heard Imam Mehdi could come in 30 years times if not sooner. Even though nobody knows exactly when this well happen, could u give a rough estimate when he could come e.g. like 15,20,25 years from now.

Also when Imam Mehdi comes, helps the muslims/sorts out the world a bit. Will he then die & then later Dajjal appears, then Isa A.S returns & kills him or will Imam Mehdi be around when Dajjal appears & will Isa A.S. & Imam Mehdi fight together 2 destroy Dajjal & is followers.


Bismihi Ta’ala

There are still some major and minor signs to appear. No approximate timing can be given on this account. Once we’ve accepted the fact that nobody besides Allah knows the timing of Imam Mahdi’s appearance, it would be totally incorrect to give an estimation. All calculations in this respect would be deemed inaccurate as some Scholars have attempted.

Mahdi and Isa Alayhissalam would combine together to form the cores of the army who will defeat the accursed Dajjal.

May Allah save us all. Aameen

Mufti Yaseen Shaikh

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