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Can women go out after giving birth or must they wait 40 days?

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wot are the views about women going out after giving birth are they allowed to go out whilst unclean cos some people say you can’t go out 4 40 days ?



In the name of Allah the Most Beneficent

There is no such ruling or law in Shariah which says that a woman cannot leave the house for 40 days after giving birth. There appears to be a misunderstanding here. The Shariah says that a lady may bleed for a maximum of fourty days after birth (this period is known as Nifaas or period of after birth). During this time the same rules will apply to the lady in question which have been set for a Haeedha (a lady who is under going her menstrual cycle).

Both of the ladies can leave the house during this time, there is no restriction which says a lady who has given birth has to stay in doors for fourty days. This is completely incorrect. (Shami Vol 1, Kitabus Taharat) (Al-Hidayah)

All sister should try and adhere to that shariah rules and regulation of Hijaab when leaving that home, Inshallah.

And Allah the Sublime knows best
8 Oct 2005

Mufti Abubakr Karolia
Batley, U.K
Founder of the “Islamic Foundation for Theology and Research” (I.F.T.A.R)

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