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What should I do if my friend wants to come with me to a wedding but won’t have a mehram?

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slm..im suppose 2be going 2a friends weddin to help out soon…my husband has offered 2 take me n baby by car….i spoke 2 one of my friends and she was going to go by train alone….i offered her to come with me..but now iv just thought that she wont be with a mehram….dont know wots right to do…should i tell her 2 go by train…shuld i also go by train accompanied by my husband…or is that stil the same?
i dont thimk her husband or brothers will go with her in anycase.

Bismihi Ta’ala

In the above-mentioned case, she shouldn’t be travelling at all. Your accompanying her on a train journey will not change the ruling. You will not be responsible for her sin due to travelling without a Mahram.

Secondly, to travel that far for a reason such as, helping out ones friend in a marriage is totally unnecessary. Shari’ah can never justify this. It will never be a journey that falls under the category of necessity. If a person really has the zeal to follow the true commandments of Allah and his Rasool, tn they would ponder over this situation and give preference to the laws of Allah. We cannot brake the command of Allah and his Rasool for worldly play and amusement.

And Allah knows best.

Mufti Yaseen Shaikh

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