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A narration on guests

Is this a Hadith?

كل بيت لا يدخل فيه الضيف لا تدخله الملائكة



Imam Ghazali (rahimahullah) has cited this in Ihya ‘Ulumid Din, as the statement of Sayyiduna Anas (radiyallahu’anhu) [and not as a Hadith of Nabi -sallallahu’alayhi wasallam-], without mentioning a source.

(Refer: Sharhul Ihya, vol.5 pg.240)



The Angels do not enter that home in which no guest has entered.

And Allah Ta’ala Knows best,

Answered by: Moulana Muhammad Abasoomar

This answer was collected from HadithAnswers.com. The answers were either answered or checked by Moulana Haroon Abasoomar (rahimahullah) who was a Shaykhul Hadith in South Africa, or by his son, Moulana Muhammad Abasoomer (hafizahullah), who is a Hadith specialist. 

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