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Q. Is it permissible to offer Salaah on a bed (not much soft), if the floor is suspected to be unclean or dusty? Please consider I am living in a hostel where there is no proper sitting area on the floor. All daily activities like eating and studying are also done on the bed.

A. Salaah will be valid when it is performed on a surface which allows the forehead and nose to be settled and stationed properly while making Sajdah (on that surface). These parts must not be suspended on sponge etc. and must not be moving, shifting, and unsteady. Instead, they must be stable and in a stationery position at rest. Based on this requirement, if the softness of the bed allows the Sajda to be done as prescribed above, then it will be permissible to perform salaah on it, else it will not be permissible. (Al Fatawa Al Hindiyah)

Please note that ’bed’ as mentioned above do not refer to the beds that are supported by four legs and are a few feet above the floor. One will not be allowed to stand on such beds to perform his salaah.

The regular mattresses that are used, that are about 3-6 inches thick will also not be allowed, even though they are placed on the floor. The thickness of these mattresses does not allow one’s forehead and nose to remain firm and stationed on them. Instead, these parts remain unsteady while performing Sajda.

And Allah knows best.

Mufti Waseem Khan

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