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What is Shari’a ruling on using tobacco products?

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What is Shari’a ruling on using tobacco products?

i know some people use it for smoking and chewing and get addicted to it or we can say they do Nashha(نشہ) of it. But few days ago i came across a chapter of Bahishti Zewar (بہشتی زیور‎) by Maulana Asrhaf Ali Thanwi Named Tambacu ko khusbudar banane ka nushkha( or Some thing like this). I got stunned that such a reliable Scholar can propagate to use tobacco.

Whats your opinion on using tobacco products?


Some scholars have considered the smoking and chewing of tobacco to be haram. Others have considered it to be Makrooh.

It is certainly filled with a lot of harms which are known to everyone.

Maulana Ashraf Ali Thaniwi (AR) also considers it to be totally reprehensible (Sakt Makrooh). In this regard while speaking about it, he wrote, ‘This is harmful. A bad odors comes from the mouth. At all times there is an abrasion in the mouth. There is resentment in the senses. There is likeness to the people of hell in that smoke comes out from the mouth and nose.

Fire and smoke themselves are different forms of punishment. Along with these (the constant smoking) causes confusion to the person and in this way a person becomes addicted to it. On account of all of these it (smoking tobacco) is certainly bad and heavily reprehensible (Imdadul Fatawa vol. 4 pg.98).

So, from this, it is seen that the respected Maulana has not propagated tobacco but, has also pointed out to the evils of it.

My opinion on it is that it is gravely detestable.

And Allah knows best,
Mufti Waseem Khan


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