Almost every time something in his mind urge to divorce his wife, whatever he speak the divorce thought comes to his mind, he is very fear as he lost control on his thought

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One of my friends is in very deep trouble. He loves his wife very much and both of them are living a very heppy life, but since few days ago my friend told me that he feels that someone talking in his mind whenever he talk to his wife or whenever he think about his wife. According to him the almost every time something in his mind urge to divorce his wife, whatever he speak the divorce thought comes to his mind, he is very fear as he lost control on his thought. He do not have any intention to divorce his wife as they are a ideal couple live with peace and harmony but this divorce thought is very strong and this thought urge him very strongly to divorce his wife. Now a days almost all the time he always do ziker, after ziker it seems that he got some relaxation but the thought (Waswasa) to divorce his wife still come in his mind. But he never ever say any divorce word. What should he do to get rid of this waswasa please tell me any dua or ziker. Please hlp my friend to resolve this problem how he can get rid off of these waswasa. Due to the strong nflunce of these waswasa in his thoughts and in his imagination he saw him self divorcing his wife. Is his wife is divorce from him? its only in his imagination and it’s only in his thinking, he did not say any words. Please help my friend. Any dua or ziker who can get away these shaitani thoughts or is this is magic?


At the outset, we wish to point out that it is extremely difficult to diagnose the problem of a person having Waswasa, etc. without assessing him personally. At times, it could be pure Waswasa and at times, the waswasa may be related to a psychological problem for which one requires therapy by an expert. Obviously, that will also have an effect on the accuracy of the prescribed treatment.

If your friend is undergoing pure Waswasa (whisper of the Shaytaan), then he should consider the following example: If he is standing next to a naked electric wire, he will be nervous as he may touch the wire and get shocked or even die. Will he remain standing there and keep on looking at the wire? The prudent thing to do is to move away from there. The electric wire must not be in sight. For that, the person must bring the courage and at least change his direction. Don?t be looking at the electric wire. He should also move far from the wire and go to another place. That will immediately alleviate his worry and sensitivity of being shocked. He will not worry any more, why should he? The electric wire is not in front of him any more.

Similarly, divorce is like an electric wire. The mere thought of it is of concern as one may go near it and there is a fear of activating the divorce, thus, have major consequences. The ideal and prudent thing to do is to move away from the thought of divorce, like moving away from an electric wire. Your friend should simply ignore the thought of divorce when it comes to mind. Don?t pay attention to it. It may be advisable for him to engage in something that is consuming and strenuous to the mind. There won’t be any space in the mind to facilitate for the Waswasa of divorce. It depends on how your friend deals with it. It is not difficult at all.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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