Honeymoon in Islam.

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Q. Can you tell me if going on a ‘honeymoon’ after marrige is haram or not. I am going to get married in a few weeks time and last week my future father-in-law told me that he doesn’t want us going on any honeymoon because this is against Islam. He says it is imitating the kafir. For me that is not proof enough because for many of the things we do, it can be said to be imitating the kafir. I had intended to go to Tobago, with the intention of just to spend a few days away with my wife. While there, we will not be engaging in anything haram. Also since it is Tobago we would be going, we will not actually be leaving the country since Tobago is part of Trinidad. What are your views on this.

A. The reality of ‘Honey moon’ is that a husband and wife spend sometime together privately after they are married. Whether this act falls under the name of ‘honey moon’ or not, it is permissible in Islam and there is nothing haram about it. In fact the word ‘honey moon’ in english simply means, ‘a holiday taken by a newly wed couple’. There is nothing haram about this, hence it cannot be stated that it is impermissible.

What some scholars have stated against it is based upon the loose, indecent and unbecoming behaviour adopted by non muslims when they undertake their honey moon.

In Islam, as long as there is no haram thing involved in spending time privately with one’s wife after marriage, it will be permissible.

And Allah knows best.

Mufti Waseem Khan

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