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Q. I have a question regarding dog breeding and whether it is halal. I came across several hadiths which indicate that prophet Muhammad (SAW) forbid the selling price of a dog and even said that evil is the gain from a prostitue, fortune teller and selling of a dog.

I agree with the hadith but some brothers say it is ok to breed and sell, but that seems to contradict the Prophet (SAW) and they are not putting limits, these animals are bred to death just so men can make money off them. Also, these animals are Najis and why as a muslim, should we promote the breeding of these animals if it is not for security purposes?

A. Simply for the sake of keeping pet dogs etc. it would not be permissible to rear dogs, sell them and breed them. However, if it is for security or hunting purposes, then it would be permissible to breed them and sell them. The allowance to keep a dog for hunting and protection is evident in many authentic traditions. On account of these traditions, the Fuqaha (Jurists) have stated that it is permissible to sell / purchase these dogs that are permissible to keep. Hence, when this is allowed it shows that breeding these dogs will be allowed based on necessity.

In Fatawa Al Alamgiri, it is mentioned, ‘And it is not proper that one keeps a dog except that he fears for thieves etc. And it is essential to know that the purchase / acquisition of a dog for protection / security is permissible in the shariah. Similarly it is permissible to purchase / acquire a dog for hunting, and livestock’. (Fatawa Alamgiri Chap. of Karahiya Disliked things).

And Allah knows best.

Mufti Waseem Khan

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