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Q. What is the authencity of this hadith: A person neglecting his salaat (even though he makes it up later) shall remain in Hell for a period of one Haqb. A Haqb is equal to eighty years of three hundred and sixty days each, and a day in the Hereafter shall equal one thousand years of this world.” It is from ‘majlisul abrar’.

And I would like to know what kind of book is ‘majlisul abrar’ and ‘kanzul ummal’? Are they reliable?

A. With respect to the hadith, I have not come across it in any other book which I have checked besides that of ‘Fazail Amaal’ written by Shaikul hadith, Maulana Zakariyah. Having quoted it, he indicated that it was from Majalisul Abraar. I am not able to say anything about it except, I know that Shaikul hadith Maulana Zakariya was a very great scholar of hadith who taught Sahih Al Bukhari and other authentic books of Ahadith. He also authored many books in the Arabic language being explanations of books of Ahadith.

With the great knowledge he possessed, he will be fully aware of the above mentioned hadith and thus quoted it in his book.

The book Majalisul Abraar is an authentic and reliable book which is from the works of the great scholar, Shaikh Allama Shihabudeen Ahmad Afindi. Kanzul Ummal is also an authentic and reliable book which is a compilation of Ahadith and actions of the Prophet (S.A). It was written and compiled by the great Muhadith Allama Alaa’udeen Ali Al Muttaqi (died 975 A.H). Allama Sha’rani has praised this compilation in his book At Tabqaatul Kubra.

And Allah knows best.

Mufti Waseem Khan

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