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As Salaamu Alaikum,

I am just messaging because my zawj is on facebook. I don’t have a problem with him being on it. But he sends women who are dressed but yet still naked friend requests and when i went up on his phone is because he is waving these half naked girls. When i ask him why he doing that an if is talk he running down. He blatantly said yes. Is talk he want. I don’t know wat again to do. i am strong in my deen and only like halal things. I try to be the best obedient loving zawja i possibly could, but i look at wat he is doing is disrespectful towards me his wife and against islam .just yesterday there was this girl with her body naked and in front of me he look at the picture n said wowwww. I immediately told him hes disrespecting me and then he got vex…really!!!!! Please i do love him. And i will never turn away any of Allah (swt) blessings that was sent my way. He doesn’t look at what he’s doing as a problem because he keep telling me so wat happen if he do that. That at the end of d day is me he sleeping with. Does that give him an excuse to be entertained by one set of half way naked women and seeking a conversation from them. He doesn’t understand. Please reply back to me inshalallah. I really need someone to talk to him. Because i don’t want him to go down the wrong path an displease not only Allah (swt) but also his zawja. Please help me.


Wa Alaium As Salaam,

What your husband is doing is totally Haram (unlawful) and sinful in Islam. It is not permissible at all for him to be looking at women and being friends with them even if they are dressed properly. What he is doing is even worst and it is the behavior of those who do not have any Islam in them. The Prophet (S.A.S) himself said, ‘The zina (adultery) of the eyes is looking’ (Bukhari). It means that when a Muslim male looks at the concealable parts of the body of a female, he is actually committing zina with his eyes, which is sinful.

The Prophet (S.A.S) is also reported to have said that looking at that which is forbidden is a poisonous arrow of Satan’. (Majma Az Zawa’id). It means that when a person casts his looks on someone who is unlawful for him, or he casts his looks upon the parts of the body of a female which is Haram for him to look at, then ‘this look’ becomes a poisonous arrow of satan which penetrates the heart (since what is seen with the eyes goes directly to the heart). After entering the heart, the poisonous arrow (which is the unlawful look) then begins to slowly destroy the Imaan (faith) which a person has in his heart (for this is exactly what poison does). The Imaan of the person then becomes weak, which then causes the person to fall into sins and he becomes an open transgressor. The punishment of Allah then begins to follow him in his life, which then brings about unhappiness, hardships, difficulties and sufferings in many different forms. Your husband should be told to stop these Haram acts and turn to Allah with sincere repentance. If he continues in his wrongdoings, then he will bring nothing but destruction upon his own self.

And Allah Knows best

Mufti Waseem Khan


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