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Assalamu alaikum,
I’d like to know if a Muslim man does not attend Jummah three times consecutively, is he still in the fold of Islam?


Wa Alaikum As Salaam,

A Muslim man who leaves out Jum’ah three times consecutively is still in the fold of Islam. He does not become an unbeliever. However, it is a grave sin to miss the Jum’ah Salah without having a valid excuse which is acceptable in the shariah.

The Prophet (S.A.S) has warned about missing Jum’ah salat three times or more and said, ‘Whoever leaves out Jum’ah three times out of negligence and dislike/disesteem for it, then Allah will seal his heart’. (Al Jami At Tirmidhi Hadith No. 500., Sunnan of Abu Dawood Hadith No. 1052).

The above speaks about one who intentionally leaves out Jum’ah Salat and has no valid excuse and reason for doing so. Valid reasons may include sickness/illness which makes one unable to attend the masjid, finding no transport to reach there, heavy rainfall which does not stop, fear of the enemy or fear for one’s life if he goes out to the masjid or to the area/location of the masjid.

These are some of the valid reasons which can prevent one from going for the Jum’ah salat and will not make the person sinful.

However, if one misses it because he thinks it is not important and it is petty matter, or he shows laziness towards its performance, is negligent towards it and shows total disregard, then in this case he would be a sinner in the sight of Allah and if he misses three Jum’ah salat consecutively in this manner, then Allah will place a seal on his heart, as mentioned by the Prophet (S.A.S).

As mentioned by the scholars, placing a seal on the heart means that Allah will remove from his heart the Tawfeeq (divine aid/assistance) to do good deeds.

One should therefore be conscious of the Jum’ah salat, and avoid missing it to the amount of three times. There are other Ahadith which mentionthe serious consequences of showing negligence to the Jum’ah Salat. In one tradition, the Prophet (S.A.S) is reported to have said, ‘Whoever leaves out the Jum’ah salat three times, Allah will place a seal on his heart and will make his heart like that of a Munafiq (hypocrite). (Tal Khees Al Habeer – Vol. 2 Pg. 131 Dar Al Kutub Al Ilmiyah Beirut 2000). In another tradition, the Prophet (S.A.S) said, ‘Whoever leaves out Jum’ah three times, then he is a Munafiq (hypocrite).’ (Ahmad; Abu Dawood; At Tirmidhi).

Another hadith quotes the Prophet (S.A.S) as saying, ‘Whoever leaves out Jum’ah three times, then he has indeed thrown Islam behind his back’. (Abu yala in is Musnad; AbdurRazzak in his Al Musannaf; Al Haithami in Al Majma – Talkhees Al Habeer Vol. 2 Pg. 132 Darul Kutub Al Ilmiyah Beirut 2000).

These narrations show that it is a very serious matter to neglect the Jum’ah salat. One should therefore be cautious in this regard.

And Allah Knows best

Mufti Waseem Khan.


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