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As Salaam Alaikum.

Let me send the question all over again. A few days ago,a woman came to know that nikah done in joke is valid. Since then she has been having doubts about whether she has ever married someone in joke. As far as she can remember,no such incident has ever taken place. But she always keeps thinking what if something like this might have happened and she forgot about this. That’s why she always keeps doubting on this matter.She always tries to put this doubts out of her mind but it seems that she can’t.That’s why she is curious to know,if such thing has happened and she might have forgotten about that.Now if she passes away unmarried, does she have to marry that person in jannah?


Wa Alaikum As Salaam.

Since no marriage ever took place, there will be no marriage in Jannah between the woman and the man she thought she would have married.

The thought in her mind is ‘Waswasa’ (evil prompting), and she must remove such thoughts from her mind.

And Allah Knows best

Mufti Waseem Khan


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