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Question: Assalaamu Alaikum

There is currently a campaign on Twitter called Hands of Al-Aqsa wherein males & females post a photograph of themselves with a placard stating their name with a message saying Hands of Al-Aqsa.
1. Is such a campaign permissible or not?
2. If not, kindly elucidate why?
3. What should Muslims be doing instead?
Answer:Wa Alaikum As Salaam,

Photographs and pictures are Haraam in Islam and the above mentioned cause is not such a situation that can bring about the permissibility for having one’s picture posted in this manner. Along with this, women are also totally prohibited from making a display of themselves in this manner. This is totally haram. Hence, this campaign will not be permissible in my opinion.

Campaigns of this nature are all meant to show support and to get the oppressors to stop their oppression and cruelty. But in reality, nothing of this comes about. Wrongdoers are not hindered by such actions and those who are oppressed are not helped by this way of showing support.

Muslims must understand that while they continue to devise new ways and means to eradicate cruelty and show support to their brothers and sisters, they are forgetting the way of the Messenger of Allah (s.a.w).

The Messenger of Allah (s.a.w) faced so many difficulties and hardships, one cannot even imagine. In every direction, he was confronted with trials and tribulations, along with his companions. In all such situations, he knew that there was only one way to come out of these, and that was to turn to Allah and beg for His help. This was exactly what the Prophet (s.a.w) did, and he continued to be assisted by Allah for his entire mission.

Muslims must understand that this is the path they need to adopt in order to gain Allah’s help in their difficult situations. Allah is the creator of the universe. He is the controller of everyone and everything. He governs the affairs of this world as He sees fit, and decides all matters in accordance to His wisdom. If Muslims have Allah on their side, then there is no power or force that can dominate them, but if Allah’s help is not with them, then nothing will be able to protect them from cruelty and oppression.

Muslims need Allah’s help today as they needed it yesterday. However, Allah’s help will only come when Muslims return to the true path of Islam and turn to Allah with full submission and obedience. When this happens, then Allah’s help will surely come to the Muslims.

And Allah Knows Best.

Mufti Waseem Khan.


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