Performing Hajj Before Marrying Off One’s Child

Answered according to Hanafi Fiqh by DarulUloomTT.net

Q: Assalamualaikum,

I am 30 years old and since i was 18 years my parents are searching for a boy to get me married but as allah wishs..they have not succeeded in marrying me. I want my parents to perform hajj. but my ammi says that she cannot perform hajj until i get married acording to quran paak if a girl is of marraige age her parents cannot perform hajj. my question is that they have enough money saved for my marraige. and they can marry me after they return from hajj when ever they find a suitable rishta.
can they perform hajj. please help me i really feel that i am the cause jis ki vajah se mere vaalidain hajj nahi kar sakte.. shadi allah ki marzi se hi hoti hai agar koi rishta nahi aa raha to isme mere ammi abba ki koi galti nahi hai to vo sazaa kyu bhugat rahe hai..meri ammi ki ek hi khwahish hai k vo allah k dar ko dekhe..please aap is email ka jawaab jald as jald de..meri ammi hajj kar sakti hai meri shadi se pehle agar hajj k baad bhi meri shadi k liye paise bachte ho to??

aap k jawab se shayad meri ammi ki khwahish puri ho jaye aur un ka darr bhi khatam hojaye k un ka hajj qubul nahi hoga gar vo ek shadi layak beti ko bina nikah me bandhe hajj karne chale gaye to..

Allah haafiz

A: Wa Alaikum salaam,

If your parents have the means and health to perform Hajj, then Hajj is compulsory upon them. If you are of age to be married and has not gotten married as yet, this cannot prevent them from performing the Hajj. This is a misunderstanding on the part of some people that they think that they must marry their girl children (who have reached the age of marriage) first before going for Hajj. This teaching is not from the Holy Quran or the Sunnah of the Prophet (S.A.W). It is also not from the Fatwah of the great muftis.

While it is the best thing to do before parents go to Hajj, it cannot be stated that it is compulsory for this to be done. Hence, if you have not been married as yet, this cannot be a reason in the shariah for the parents to forego the hajj when it has become compulsory upon them.

Before they leave, they should make an arrangement for you to be at the home of your grandparents, aunties or any other Mahram with whom your parents are pleased.

So, they can perform hajj even if you are not married.

Jaise ke aap ne kaha shaadi Allah ki marzi se hoti hai. Jab uska waqt A’ega to ho ja’ega. Fil haal aapki kusoor nahi and walidain ke kusoor bi na hi hai.

Walidain jo samaj rahe hain ke aap ke shaadi pehle hona chahiye tab wo dono hajj kar sakte- yeh ghalt hain. Shariat ka qanoon hai ke agar unke paas paisa and sihat, tu hajj un par parz ho ja’ega. Aap ki shadi karna aur na karna, Us Qanoon mein kuch dakhal nahin.

Li haza abhi un donon ko kahon ke khushi se aur dil ke itminaan se hajj kar len aur in sha Allah wo maqbool honge. Aap ki shaadi ka fikr na kare. Jab Allah ne chaha, ho ja’egi.

And Allah knows best.

Mufti Waseem Khan.

Date: 19/9/2013

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