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1.Whatever answer you give to my questions, does it become obligatory for me to follow it? If I ask another mufti and follow his opinion, am I sinning?
2. I saw sometimes you using the name ‘qazi’  before your name. Are you a qazi?


As Salaam Alaikum,

  1. You will not be committing a sin if you follow another Mufti’s opinion. However, you must first decide on the person you want to answer your questions and then inquire from that person. In this way, you will not be wasting the time of the scholars, and you will save yourself from becoming confused over different answers and evidences.

Seeing that you are not a scholar, it will be difficult for you to identify which answer is the better one to accept, since all Mufti will have sufficient proofs for the answers they give. On account of your lack of understanding the sciences of Islam, you may find yourself having to pick and choose between opinions, based on your personal inclination and desire, which in itself is a dangerous path. As such, you need to first identify which Mufti/scholar you wish to accept and follow, (based on his knowledge and ability), and then place your questions before him for his answers.

  1. I do not use the title Qadhi before my name. If it is there on the site, then it has been placed by those who are in the Department of Ifta.

With respect to if I am a Qadhi, the answer is yes, Alhamdulillah. Through Allah’s grace and kindness, I successfully completed the Qadhi training course at Imarat Shariah in Patna, Bihar, India, and became a certified Qadhi under the supervision of the late great Islamic Judge, the chief Qadhi of Darul Qadha of Imarat Shariah, Qadhi Jasimuddin Rahmani (A.R).


And Allah Knows best

Mufti Waseem Khan


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