Is Psychokinesis permissible in Islam or not? And is it ok 2 use face wash containing Butyl Alcohol?

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1. I want to know if it would be permissible to try some Kinesis Abilities like Psychokinesis for fun which is the moving of an object using the mind only. Research shows that the human mind is so powerful that it can do such things. I also want 2 say that all this is possible if only Allah wills us to do it. And this will not involve any haraam practices like invoking jinns, etc. Is this permissible? (There may be methods which use devils etc but I’m not talking about them). For more details, please visit this link – 2. I use a face wash containing ?Butyl Alcohol?. Is it permissible? 3.I read somewhere that saying “Subhaana Rabbikka Rabbul Izzati Amma Yasifoon, Waslaamun Alal Mursaleen, Wal Hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameeen” 3 times after Salah gives us the full reward of our Salah? Is this correct? If yes, shud I recite it at the end of each Fard/Sunnat/Nafil Salaat or only at the end of the whole Salaat (ie, after praying Fard, Sunnah, etc. of 1 particular prayer like Zuhr)? 3. I’m a Shafiee. We make the intention for praying & fasting aloud (not only in the hear). Is this permissible as I’ve neard that this is innovation. What is the ruling for Shafiee’s on this matter? 5. I?m losing interest in Salaah & getting bored even though I never miss any prayers. Is my Imaan weak? Tell me how 2 make my prayers more spiritual, fulfilling & exciting. Please try 2 answer all 5 questions. Jazakallahu Khairan.


1. Our opinion on practicing arts like Telekinesis and Psychokinesis etc, if they really exist, is that as long as it does not involve any haraam eg. Subjuing jins, shaitaani actions, witchcraft etc, this in principle it could not be classified as haraam. However due of it being a huge waste of time and effort, one would not be advised to destroy his priceless time in this avenue, solely for the “kick”. Yes, if it is possible for it to have social benefits (possible helping people by moving objects for them) or maybe for jihad by attacking the enemy through it, then it would be completely permissible.

2. Butyl alcohol is a synthetic alcohol which does not intoxicate, thus usage of the facewash would be permissible.

3. This reward is mentioned in a number of Ahadith (See Mujamul Kabeer Vol.5 Pg.211 , Majmauz Zawaid Vol.10 Pg.103, Masannaf Abdul Razzaaq Vol.2 Pg.236 , Tafsir ibn Abi Haatim Vol.10 Pg.3234), with some narrations mentioning its recitation once, not thrice. It would be better to recite it after every salah, as mentioned in some narration, however it was the practice of Nabi (sallalahu Alaihi wasallam to recite it once after the Fard salah.(Ibn Abi Shaibah Vol.1 Pg.269, Mujamul Kabeer Vol.11 Pg.115, Abu Ya’laa Vol.2 Pg.363)

4. It would be better to refrain from making the niyyah in a group. It is permissible to make it aloud individually.

5. If continuous effort is not made on Iman it begins to weaken. Try to stick to the following to ensure that your Imam stays strong: A. Go out in the path of Allah for some time, where you will stay in a good environment and be regularly speaking about Allah. On your return keep a strong link with the local effort in your Musjid.

B. Be punctual on your Zikr daily and try to build up spiritual contact with a pious person with whom you could get along well . If possible take Bai’ah (Spiritual allegiance) at his hands. C. Recite a portion of the Quran daily. D. Take out a few minutes daily for reading a few ahadith from Fadail e Amal of Hadhrat Shaikh Zakariya (Rahimahullah).

May Allah Ta’ala grant you and us such Iman that he is pleased with. Amin

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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