Status Of Eid Salaah Without Deliviring The Khutbah

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Question: The Imam forgets to deliver the Khutba after the EidSalaat. On the same day, he comes to the EidGah to perform the Juma’ Salaat in which he delivers the Juma’ Khutba. Knowing that the EidSalaat was performed without the Khutba, would it be in order or do we have to repeat the EidSalaat? What is the ruling of the Khutba of the EidSalaat (i.e. both).


Answer: The Khutba in both EidSalaats is Sunnat. Therefore, there is no need for the repetition of the Salaat if the Khutba was left out. The Salaat would be in order, but it was wrong to leave out the Khutba, since it is Sunnat.

(Shaami, Volume 2, Pg.166 / Haashiyah of Tahtaawi, Pg.288 / FataawaAlamghiri, Volume 1, Pg.239 / Badai’ Sanaai’, Volume 1, Pg.286).

And Allah Knows Best.

Mufti Waseem Khan.


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