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AsSalamu alaikum, I was confused about how to believe in the Quran but I think I finally got the correct understanding but wants it checked over. As Muslims we are allowed to seek refuge in Allah and also His attributes. Speech is His attribute and the Quran is His speech so we can seek refuge in the Quran. Allah created most of creation with the word “Be” so Allah created by His speech which is uncreated in the same way Allah heals by His speech which is uncreated. So we can seek refuge in the Quran because it is Allah’s speech and uncreated. However, we should not hang ayats of the Quran on the wall seeking protection although it is the uncreated speech of Allah because it was never done by the Prophet SAW but were we to seek protection in the Quran whether by hanging it on the wall or on your person, it will be an innovation but not kufr as it is the uncreated speech of Allah.


Wa Alaikum As Salaam,

The Quran is the speech of Allah, but it is not Allah. As Muslims, we have been ordered to seek refuge in Allah Alone and not through his speech. Hence, it is not permissible to seek refuge in the speech of Allah.

When a person hangs Quranic verses on the wall in the houses, he is doing so to achieve the barakah/blessings which comes on account of the verses of the Quran. He is not seeking refuge in the verses.

And Allah Knows Best.

Mufti Waseem Khan.


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