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A text recently came to our attention implying that Darul Uloom Trinidad has endorsed certain actions that were carried out by some teachers at the Darul Barakaat School in Barrackpore.

We, at the Darul Uloom wish to denounce all actions carried out by the relevant individuals, and condemn these actions as vandalism to Waqf property and stealing from it. I, along with two teachers of the Darul Uloom visited the premises of Darul Barakaat and was totally stunned and flabbergasted at the level of vandalism which took place on the said property.

It is clear to us that those who committed these wicked acts, (who happened to be  teachers), had the intention to destroy the property, fixtures, furniture, appliances, essential needs and amenities that were provided for the students. Not being satisfied with this, the culprits went further to boldly pack some items on a truck and had these removed from the school.

We wish to state that the  Darul Uloom considers these  to be acts of  wickedness, and does not endorse such illegal and unlawful actions.

On another note, we wish to state that upon investigation, no one (teacher/student) was evicted from the school, nor was such an instruction given. This is a false accusation that has been fabricated. The truth is that the Board of Directors had already made an official decision to close the school on a given date. All teachers were clearly informed that they were to remove their books by that date, and that no one was allowed to remove anything from the property. This was confirmed by the Ameer of the Darul Barakaat. Hence, to spread the message that teachers and students were evicted from the school is totally false, and is nothing but fitnah (mischief) on the part of those spreading such information.

Strangely, a picture was also sent to individuals showing that a police vehicle was parked in front of the property, and the sender of the picture informed others that police was called to evict them. This also, was a clear misrepresentation of the truth and mischief from such individuals. In reality, the police was called in to stopped them from stealing from the Darul Barakaat, something which they had started to do the night before. Instead of this, the sender of the picture should have shown others the manner in which they had vandalized the property and destroyed the expensive items at the school.

With respect to this incident, Muslims must find out about the truth of the matter and refrain from laying false accusations upon those who are innocent.

And Allah knows best

Mufti Waseem Khan


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