Lesbianism in Islam.

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I would like to know what Islam states about lesbians and if I have a relative who is one, how do I go about being with this person, is this person still a Muslim or not and what is their state in Islam?


Lesbianism is total Haram (unlawful) in Islam. It is condemned in the teachings of Islam and it brings about the wrath and curse of Allah upon those who engage in this sinful act.

Through its practice a person does not become an Unbeliever, however she becomes a grave sinner and a transgressor (Faasiq) in Islam.

If one considers it to be allowed in Islam and does not accept that it is Unlawful then this would make her an unbeliever.

Associating which such persons are not recommended in Islam and breaking off relations with such people would be deemed permissible.

And Allah knows best.
Mufti Waseem Khan

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