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An Immigrant as a Musafir.

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What is the ruling of an immigrant pertaining to Musafir and Iqamat?

N.B. Immigrant means one who has migrated living in America, but always considers his native place (Trinidad) his own place of abode. Will his accepting citizenship have any effect?

What is the ruling of the woman who travels with her husband pertaining to Musafir and Iqamat?


If an immigrant has not left his home town permanently but still regards his old home town as his permanent place of abode, then in this case, even though he is residing in another place, his old home town would still be considered as his permanent home (Watan Asly). Accepting citizenship of another place would have no effect. If on a journey he reaches such a place where he has his house, then he will not remain a Musafir, whether he stays there for a long or short period he should offer prayer in full.

(Muniyyatul Musalli – Pg.544/ Ahsanul Fatawa – Vol.4 – Pg.99/ Imdadul Fatawa – Vol.1 – Pg.392).

If the husband and wife are travelling together and on the way the wife intends to stay for as many days as her husband, then in this case the husband’s intention shall be counted (with respect to being a Musafir or Muqeem).

(Muniyyatul Musalli – Pg.541).

And Allah knows best.
Mufti Waseem Khan

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