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Asalaamu alaikum, honorable ulama. Thank you for answering my last question. JazakAllah khayran. I have one more question in’shaa’Allah. Salafis/Ahle hadith brothers are saying that the hanafis claim witr to be an obligatory prayer when Allah taala and his messenger saws say they are five obligatory prayers and the hanafis have innovated a sixth prayer. They claim that this shows that imam abu hanifa and ahnaf are people of ray (opinions) and are not people of hadith. Is this true do we hanafis say there are six obligatory/mandatory prayers? When we say that witr and eid prayers are wajib what do the ahnaf mean by that e.g does it mean there are more than the 5 obligatory prayers fajr dhuhr asr magrib esha? Can you provide evidence so we can refute salafi/ahle hadith brothers whom live in our community and frequent our masajid and the musallis here in london UK



In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.
As-salāmu ‘alaykum wa-rahmatullāhi wa-barakātuh.

Respected Brother,

It has been our experience that the Salafi/Ahle Hadith brothers are not very accepting of any proofs given to them especially when it is against their own methodology. They will always find some way to discredit even authentic proofs agreed upon by multitudes of the pious predecessors. Therefore, it is futile to discuss with them as, often, many brothers are not sincere seekers of the truth.

It is our advice that you keep doing your own A’maal and ibaadah and leave them to their ways. Insha-Allah, you are not responsible for anything beyond that.

Nevertheless, if you are hounded by such individuals, you may refer them to the book I’laa-us-Sunan compiled by Allamah Zafar Ahmad Uthmaani (Rahimahullah). It is a book written to show the abundance of proofs behind Hanafi Fiqh. If they do not accept even this, then there is no good in debating or discussing with them.


And Allah Ta’āla Knows Best


Mufti Bilal Pandor

Checked and Approved by
Mufti Nabeel Valli

Darul Iftaa Mahmudiyyah

Lusaka, Zambia

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