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Can we marry soon under Islamic sharia?

Answered as per Hanafi Fiqh by Darulifta-Deoband.com
Know i have spoken to Mufti Saab he informed me to ask the lady to take Talak over the phone which she took but that person only told once (Talak).However when Mufti Saab asked that whether Bride did appointed & gave her permission to any person be her witness at Groom’s end in London.. He found Bride didn’t gave any permission to appoint any witness on her behalf in London & also found that at Bride’s end her mother bear the witness for her marriage. So Mufti Saab told that this marriage is invalid. (ye shaadi nahi huye hai). Because an female cannot be the witness in the Islamic marriage & also Bride dint gave permission to any person to be her witness in London SO THIS MARRIAGE IS INVALID UNDER ISLAMIC SHARIAT IS INVALID. So Mufti Saab gave the permission to marry her anytime you want 3. After coming to know all this even the Lady wants to marry me as soon as possible. 4. Please guide us under the Islamic sharia how soon we can get married


(Fatwa: 1092/633/D=1432)

What does the husband say in this matter? You should have written his statement as well. However, if it is proved according to Shariah (by two male witnesses), that two witnesses were not present at the time of nikah or one male and two females, then the nikah was invalid. Such invalid and null nikah will come to an end if husband gives one talaq; hence she can marry somewhere else after passing the iddah. This ruling is when both the husband and wife have done intercourse. And if no intercourse was done then there is no need to sit in iddah. She can do nikah without passing iddah period.
ويجب مهر المثل في نكاح فاسد وهوالذي فقد شرطا من شرائط الصحة كشهود ، وثبت لكل واحد منهما فسخه ولو بغير محضر عن صاحبه …. وتجب العدة من وقت التفريق (در مع الرد زكريا: 4/275)
وتجب العدة بعد الوطء لا الخلوة أي لا تجب بعد الخلوة المجردة عن وطء ، ووجوب العدة بعد الخلوة ولو فاسدة انما هو في النكاح الصحيح (در مع الرد ، زكريا : 4/276)

Allah (Subhana Wa Ta’ala) knows Best

Darul Ifta,
Darul Uloom Deoband

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