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Are we still married after I said “talaq” three times?

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I got married before 11 months, after marriage we both lived happily, but last month Dec 2011 we both got angry on such social problem, and unwillingly without knowing the fact of talaq, I as a husband used talaq word for three times in a single strike and period. But one more thing is that, she is pregnant and completed 6 months of it. I love her a lot and she loves me a lot, but after this incident her parents took her back to their home, now she is at her home. My question is that, are we in relation of husband and wife? We both were unaware about the word talaq, we both were blind about it, it is our ignorant, mistake. One more thing, in a single sitting tipple talaq will be considered as first time? Please tell me how to bring her back, as she also saying I cannot live without you. Please reply me as early as possible.


(Fatwa: 396/233/H=1433)

Three talaqs given in the single meeting in the state of pregnancy also takes place as three and the wife becomes haram. The iddah comes to an end after the birth of child. After that the woman has right to marry someone else except her first husband who divorced her. She can do her nikah after the child is born anywhere she wishes.
You gave three talaqs to your wife in the state of pregnancy in single meeting, so all these three talaqs took place. She is free after childbirth to marry anywhere she wishes except you. If the second husband divorces her after having intercourse with her or dies after having intercourse then she shall have thr right of new nikah after observing iddah and then she can marry you as well if she wishes. In the question mentioned above, there is no other way for the woman to be halal except it. It has been mentioned in Bukhari Sharif vol. 2, p 791, Fatawa Hindiyah vol. 1, p 501, as well as in other hadith books, commentaries of hadith books and in Fiqh and Fatawa. Though you have written that you were not aware of the reality of talaq but you knew that talaq is something that terminates the relation of nikah between husband and wife, i.e. neither you were ignorant of it nor unaware. Thus talaq given in this sate takes place without any doubt.

Allah (Subhana Wa Ta’ala) knows Best

Darul Ifta,
Darul Uloom Deoband

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