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Is it permissible to have intercourse in a nikah without parental consent?

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Asak, I had fallen in love with my classmate, both of us doing graduation, and because we both understood that it is wrong to have an affair, we decided to marry each other, both of us are obedient to our parents, so we wanted them 2 talk to each other n get our nikah done, but they didnt agree, as they said you should give studies more importance. So we delayed the nikah, bt everytime we met we felt guilty that we are committing a sin, then a time came when i was going for Haj with my parents, and after coming back i didnt want to commit a sin and we finally decided, that we should fear ALLAH more than our parents, we had three witnesses and we got married(nikah). We then had sexual intercourse, we use contraceptives, now I want to know, Is it ok to have intercourse, in this type of nikah? Are we committing a sin? Plz reply soon.JazakAllah


(Fatwa: 2039/1887=D/1429)

It is undesirable to marry without the consent of parents. However, if you have made the eijab and qubool (offer of Nikah from one side and acceptance from other) in the presence of two legal witnesses then as per the Shariah the Nikah is valid. But the family members should be informed so that they may not think ill of you. It is makrooh (undesirable) to use contraceptive measures.

Allah (Subhana Wa Ta’ala) knows Best

Darul Ifta,
Darul Uloom Deoband

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