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Direction for Prostration of Thanks

Answered as per Hanafi Fiqh by CouncilofUlama.co.za

Q: Can you please give me this answer in the light of Hadees and Sunnah? The purpose of Sajda e Shukr (prostration of thanks) is to thank Allah for His Blessings and Allah is present everywhere in the universe. According to Sunnah we say our prayers in the direction of Qiblah (Kabah) because it is explained in Hadith and Sunnah. Should Sajda e Shukr be in the direction of Kabah?

A: Yes it should be in the direction of qiblah (Kaba). Sajda shukr resembles sajda tilaawat and just as wudhu and qibla etc are conditions for validity here also it will be necessary.

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