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Q: I currently, due to circumstances beyond my control, have to board with a Christian woman, is this permissible. I do not eat there, neither do I make any use of dishes or utensils in the house. I make my salaah in my room is this permissible? also the one thing that bugs me is she has a dog which stays outside but I worry that she might touch the dog’s nose and then touch other things in the house. What do I do in this situation?

I have been referred to some Muslim women that do boarding but truly they’re are charging an arm and leg and I cannot afford it at the moment, I am trying in the meanwhile to save and see if I can move into a small place of my own at a later stage, but I am worried that I could still be at my current place in Ramadan.

A: Move out from there as soon as you can. Salaah is permissible there.

Do not worry about the dog. An Islamic decision is not based on assumption. You are not sure whether she touches the nose, etc., so ignore that.

In the meantime, ensure that you express the correct Islamic character and etiquette, so that it can have a favourable effect on her.

Stay on till you find a more suitable place.

May Allah Ta’aala make it easy for you, Aameen.

Moulana Yusuf Laher

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