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Q: The relationship I have with my wife has been unstable for quite some time now. A couple of weeks ago we had an argument and she came to the conclusion that she does not want to be with me anymore. She has requested a divorce and I have said that I will give her divorce at the end of the month. I have said this because at the end of the month it will be exactly 3 months since we have had any sexual contact. In the process of this I have still tried to sort our marriage out but this week we had another argument and she said talaq to me 3 times and said that it is possible that she could give me a divorce. I have only said talaq to her once though. Please let me know if this divorce has been accepted?

A: Talaaq can only be issued by the husband. The action or statement of a wife cannot constitute Talaaq. If you had issued Talaaq to her once then that one Talaaq is effective and you are now the owner of two Talaaqs.

Moulana Yusuf Laher

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