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Q: My Muslim friend told me that it is haram to touch the Holy Quran if one does not have wudhu. What about if one is not a Muslim but is interested in learning about Islam and reading a copy of the Quran? A non-Muslim friend asked me for a copy of the Quran and I gave one to her, but advised her to please respect it and to not touch it when she is not cleaned and to not read it in the toilet etc. But since this Muslim friend told me about the wudhu thing I am concerned because my non- Muslim friend will not have wudhu when she reads the Quran.

A: If you told your non-Muslim friend not to touch the Quran when she is not clean or when she is in her menses, and you believe that she will respect that and follow your instructions, then you may allow her to keep a translation of the Quran and read it. Another condition for this permissibility is that you should have strong hope of her being attracted to Islam. If she is merely reading the Quran for interest sake or she is a student doing some research and there is no hope that she will embrace Islam, then it will not be permissible to give this non Muslim a copy of the Quran. (Al-Fataawal Hindiyyah)

You should also advise her to keep the quran wrapped in a clean cloth and on a raised place, and not to keep it in a room where alcohol is consumed, or where any un-Islamic activity takes place, and not to touch the Arabic text.
Under these circumstances it will be permissible to leave the Quran with her even though she will not have wudhu when holding the translation. Fataawa mahmoodiya vol.12, p.26

Mufti Siraj Desai

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