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Q: I have a skin irritation problem that has causes me alot of grief. Different doctors have told me different things and their prescriptions just over temporary relief. So I opted to use the Quraan as I do believe the words of Allah have power over any ailment. I even use black cumine seeds and honey everyday with my breakfast, but my skin problem just won’t go away. What am I doing wrong? Am I using the wrong prayers? What must I do? Why are my supplications not yelding results?

A: Illness is from Allah and He gives disease and illness for various reasons. Illness wipes out sins and is a test from Allah. Sometimes Allah gives a person a lesser illness to ward off a bigger or more seriois sickness. Ilness elevates the spiritual rank of a person. For these reasons you need to be positive and resign yourself to the taqdeer of Allah

As regards the duas and verses you are reading, as well as the remedies you are adopting, you must understand that all these are subject to the permission of Allah. Verses and duas will only take effect if Allah Ta’ala permits such effect. That is why, many a time people read their duas etc for protection, yet a calamity still befalls them. This is a clear sign that such a calamity was ordained by Allah and nothing could stop it from happening.


I must add, though, that most of the time. with His permission, these duas and verses help in curing people warding of illnesses. Many people have experienced this. Sadly, in your case it has not worked so far. It might work later. But the main reason for such duas etc not having any effect is that Allah Ta’ala has decreed a condition for you and He has also decide this condition will remain for an extended period. There is nothing but good in such a situation, as explained in my first paragraph.


Also don’t believe that you are doing something wrong for which you are being punished. Yes, if there is a major sin that you are committing, then you should desist from that sin immediately. Do not stop making dua nor srop reading the verses and wazeefas for cure.


I make dua that Allah Ta’ala grants you complete Shifaa and removes all affliction from you sooner than later. Aameen


If you haven’t yet tried this, read the folllowing:





Read as much as possible and blow on the skin


Also try massaging the skin with olive oil. When doing so, recite the durood or salawaat on Rasool.


Mufti Siraj Desai

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