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Q: I’ve been extremely neglectful regarding my Salaah and wish to rectify the situation. I work 5-7 days a week on a 12 hour night shift which causes me to miss out my five daily Salaah as I sleep during the day till 4:30 pm. How should I rectify this situation?

A. It is pleasing that you have the concern for your Salaah, but nothing is gained without effort. You are well aware that all the Salaah have to be performed on their prescribed times and even if they are being performed later on as Qadhaa, it is still a major sin to delay a Salaah after its time.

If you are sleeping you will have to set the alarm or get someone to wake you up at the time of Salaah and thereafter you can sleep again. Yes, this will disrupt your sleep, but Allah Ta’aala is fully aware of your sacrifice and will reward you accordingly. It seems that the Thuhr Salaah is being affected, so the sacrifice is for this Salaah only.

If you have Qadhaa on you, fulfil them immediately. The easiest way is to make one Qadhaa with every daily Salaah. Repent unto Allah for the neglect and fulfil the Qadhaa with diligence. Also read a lot about the fazaail or virtues of Salaah, as well as the punishments for neglect of Salaah

May Allah Ta’aala enshroud you with His mercy, Aameen.

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